SpaceUp Mexico - The Space Unconference



On November 24 and 25, SpaceUp will hold its first unconference in Mexico City (CDMX). The original "unconference" was scheduled on October 7 and 8 of this year and was rescheduled due to the earthquake's aftermath. SpaceUp Mexico is an event where the attendees decide the topics and discussions regarding human spaceflight, space exploration, satellites, space tourism and more. ANYONE interested in space can attend this event. The only requirement is that you go participate and not just "observe".

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Planetary Society solar sails paved way for Alpha Centauri starshot

Boreal Space, as a member of the Planetary Society's LightSail development team, is especially proud and honored to be helping to "pave the way" for the Alpha Centauri StarShot. This breakthrough initiative is bound to fire the imagination of those of us who are literally reaching for the stars.


Graphene as potential contender for Solar Sailing?

News of the potential uses of graphene routinely make headlines. As an article in New Scientist shows, graphene is showing up to be a possible method of spacecraft propulsion.

“The best possible rocket is one that doesn’t need any fuel,” says Paulo Lozano of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

LightSail featured in October/November 2015 Make: Magazine

The LightSail 2015 Mission is featured in the Oct/Nov 2015 special edition of Make: Magazine "Citizen Space". The title of the article "Solar Sailor" captured the essence of LightSail, which is to  demonstrate technologies that allow for the reach of small spacecraft beyond Low Earth Orbit. We have put, inside a CubeSat, it's own intrinsic propulsion. Look for our 2016 launch and demonstration of solar sailing!